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We help women across the lifespan move through life without pelvic floor dysfunction.

Find Lasting Relief

Our pelvic health experts will help get to the ROOT of your pelvic pain, low back/sciatica pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and bowel conditions.

The Renew Health team specializes in everything pelvic floor, pregnancy and postpartum.

We bridge the gap between orthopedic and pelvic health by treating the entire person.

We address significant pelvic health concerns.

Can you relate?

  • Struggling to connect intimately with your partner due to discomfort?

  • Finding it challenging to hold or play with your kids because of pain? Eager to fully engage but hindered by discomfort or leakage?

  • Concerned about losing your sense of self, or avoiding certain exercises due to fear of leakage or embarrassment?

  • Anxious about not regaining your abdominal strength postpartum?

  • Worried that your chronic back pain will never improve?

  • Frustrated with wearing panty liners and black leggings to the gym?

  • Not feeling prepared for giving birth, but hoping for the best birth experience possible?

Birth Preparation

"I began seeing Dr. Alyssa in my first trimester of my first pregnancy for birth preparation. My OBGYN stated she typically (and sparingly) recommended this service for after delivery. I am so glad I chose to go out of network and be proactive. Due to the preparation and techniques that were provided prenatally, I had minimal perineal tearing (grade 1) despite pushing for 5 hours."

- CH

Why Our Clients Choose Renew Health

Best Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists in Western MA

We Are Pelvic Health Experts

East Longmeadow Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Our Facility is Designed for Pelvic Health

Beyond Kegels

We Provide "Whole Body, Holistic Care"

"Dr. Bree is a rock star! I was initially seeking help solely for pelvic pain related to pregnancy, but decided to work with Dr. Bree in all things labor prep and I am so happy I did! Dr. Bree gave me the tools needed, not only to prepare for labor, but also additional tips to use during labor that were incredibly helpful. Highly recommended!!"


Prepare your body for birth

The Renew Health Difference

10 Reasons to Choose Renew Health For Your Pelvic Health Care

1. You Deserve a True Specialist

Pelvic health concerns are complex and require specialized care. We exclusively specialize in pelvic health, ensuring that you receive care from experts who are fully committed to pelvic health. You will never work with a therapist who dabbles in pelvic health or one who has limited training.

2. You Will Always Work With a Pelvic Health Doc

You will always work 1:1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire evaluation and subsequent treatment sessions. We believe that working with an expert is the gold standard when it comes to pelvic floor physical therapy. You will never be double or triple booked, hooked up to a machine, or thrown on a bike to pass the time. Your time is valuable to us.

3. Experience a Personalized Approach With Us

Our focus is building a lasting relationship with you. We value ongoing communication with our clients to ensure the best outcomes.

4. Uncover the Root Cause

Learn the ‘why’ behind your pelvic floor symptoms. Helping people feel good short-term is not enough. Our proven 3-step process allows us to decrease symptoms, uncover the root cause, and keep symptoms from coming back. There is no symptom chasing in our practice.

5. You Need More Than Kegels

Kegels in isolation are not the answer. The pelvic floor is part of a complex system, therefore, we take a head-to-toe treatment approach. From ribcage position to ankle mobility, it all matters.

6. You'll Never Be Hooked Up to a Machine

We believe in a combination of highly skilled manual therapy and functional-based training. You will never be hooked up to a biofeedback machine week after week hoping this solves your problem. Lying on your back, staring at a computer screen and squeezing your pelvic floor is not going to solve the problem that occurs with jumping and running.

7. Facility Designed for Pelvic Health

Offering a safe and welcoming environment is our priority. You will have direct access to private treatment rooms without walking through a busy gym. Our treatment rooms are furnished with you in mind. We offer heated table warmers, fresh blankets, sound machines, and salt lamps to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We also have a fully equipped gym space for all of your functional needs - separate from our private treatment rooms.

8. We Provide Clinical Honesty

We give our patients clarity on how to get better with a specific plan of care tailored to our patients' goals. Your goals are our goals. The frequency of visits and recommendations are not based upon how busy the practitioners are or how insurance companies dictate your care.

9. Speak With an Actual Human

With our model, you have access to the doctors at Renew Health and this begins with a discovery call. We want to answer any questions you may have about pelvic floor physical therapy. Skip the call center and talk to us directly.

10. Therapists That Have Your Back

We take pride in quarterbacking your care. Pelvic health issues can be complex and we want to make sure that we are active participants in your care team.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

I was in pain for years. I had terrible stomach and back pain. I went to so many doctors and they all told me it was nothing and kept shrugging me off. When I tell you how much better I felt just from my phone call with Dr. Alyssa. I had never felt so seen, she validated all my concerns and scheduled me an appointment very quickly. After that first session the absolute relief I felt was amazing. I lived in constant pain for so long I forgot what it was like to feel normal. I was also able to use the bathroom regularly, use a tampon again, and live my life again.

- NK

Who We Help

The Pregnant & Postpartum Moms

Those who have not “felt the same” after having a baby. If you’ve ever had a baby, you are still postpartum.

The Yoga, Barre & Pilates Enthusiasts

Those who love yoga but are fearful of incontinence, vaginal flatulence, or pain.

The Weekend Warriors

Those who want to be able to hike pain-free and leak-free with their dog, go to the trampoline park with their kids, or play in that adult softball league.

The CrossFit Athlete, Runner and Lifter

Those who want to run and lift heavy weight without the fear of pain, pelvic prolapse, or incontinence.

The Aging Adult

Those who are struggling with pelvic pain, prolapse, incontinence, and sexual health concerns due to age-related changes.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Brianna was amazing! I became discouraged after having a second C-section and the healing process; not being able to exercise without pain after the “6 week clearance” from the OBGYN. She helped me understand pelvic floor function and why I was having issues. She helped resolve all my postpartum issues and I even started slowly running without incisional pain after 7 sessions (over a 2-3 month span). Thank you so much Brianna!"

- DC

"I can't say enough good things about Alyssa. I am a 62 year old woman and she gave me so much help with my issues and was so knowledgeable and helpful with things that are usually so hard to discuss. Both Alyssa and Brianna made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I felt I could discuss anything with them. I can't say enough good things about these 2 ladies and would advise any woman to contact them for any pelvic floor issues."

- MR

"My initial assessment with Brianna set me immediately at ease. For anyone, like me, who may feel uncomfortable discussing their concerns and worried about what is involved - just do it, you won't regret it! She knows her anatomy, function and sees patients in a holistic manner ensuring you are comfortable every step of the way without any pressure to do what you aren't comfortable with. Highly recommend without any hesitation."

- BH

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