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Learn How our Western MA Pelvic Floor PT's Can Help You with Your Pelvic Floor

July 09, 20243 min read

Learn How our Western MA Pelvic Floor PT's Can Help You with Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a complex network of muscles, ligaments, and tissues that play a vital role in various bodily functions, including bowel and bladder control, sexual function, and core stability. Because of its complexity, addressing pelvic floor issues requires specialized knowledge and skills. That's why treatment is best handled by experts in pelvic floor therapy.

At Renew Health, we offer support and treatment for a variety of pelvic health conditions often overlooked or misunderstood. Our expert team provides personalized treatment for urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse (POP), diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation), pregnancy support, birth preparation education, postpartum recovery, and more. With tailored exercises, education, and manual techniques, we will provide you with the tools needed to understand your body, regain control of your symptoms, and start living life free of worry!

Expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists in Western MA

Understanding the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a group of over 20 muscle arranged in a hammock-like structure. It provides support for vital organs, has a role in continence (keeps pee and poop in!), sexual function, and is the foundation for hip and core strength. When this balance is disrupted, individuals may experience symptoms, including urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic heaviness/pressure, and painful intercourse.

Supporting Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth represent transformative experiences in a woman's life, but they can also reveal pelvic floor challenges such as diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation), pelvic pain/pressure, and urinary leakage. During pregnancy, pelvic floor physical therapists can offer guidance on proper body mechanics, breathing mechanics, specialized manual therapy techniques, and specific exercises tailored to your needs. For childbirth, pelvic floor therapists can provide support to minimize the risk of perineal tearing, as well as provide education and support for labor and delivery positioning, active partner involvement, and pain management strategies.

Our team offers comprehensive care and rehabilitation following childbirth. Our treatments support recovery and optimize pelvic health and healing during the postpartum period.

pregnant women getting birth prep with pelvic floor physical therapy

Managing Urinary and Bowel Dysfunction

Urinary and bowel dysfunction are common pelvic floor complaints, affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it's urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or constipation, these issues can significantly diminish one's quality of life. As expert pelvic floor physical therapists, we can address these concerns by incorporating bladder and bowel retraining, pelvic floor muscle lengthening and strengthening, and behavioral modifications to restore normal function and alleviate symptoms.

Assisting Athletes and Active Individuals

Are you an athlete or someone who loves to stay active? You might notice some problems that could be related to your pelvic floor. For example:

  • Do you leak urine when doing squats or jumping exercises?

  • Do you feel a heaviness or pressure in your pelvic area when lifting weights, especially during deadlifts?

  • Do you experience discomfort or 'something falling out' after a long run or high-impact workout?

These issues are more common than you might think, and they're often signs of pelvic floor dysfunction. At Renew Health, we understand these challenges.

athletes with pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse

Through expertise and dedication, our western MA pelvic floor physical therapists can empower you to break free from pain and dysfunction, reclaiming your body and restoring your quality of life. Help us continue to champion the importance of pelvic health awareness by sharing this blog.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to have you stop by our East Longmeadow location!

The best way to learn more about what we do is to schedule a phone call with a member of our team.

The Renew Health Team

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