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What to Expect in a Pelvic Floor Evaluation with the Renew Health team in Western MA?

May 09, 20243 min read

What to Expect in a Pelvic Floor Evaluation with the Renew Health team in Western MA?

“There is PT for…that?!” People typically have heard of physical therapy in various settings and for various body parts. A lot of our community in East Longmeadow, MA and the surrounding Western MA area have never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy before. And, we can’t blame them. Pelvic floor therapy is an area of specialty that is not talked about enough! Doctor Alyssa and I often joke that we’re ready to discuss pelvic health with anyone willing to lend an ear!

I will delve into what a typical pelvic floor evaluation looks like in our East Longmeadow clinic. I hope that this gives you more information and will give you more confidence to seek pelvic floor physical therapy. 

Initial Consultation: 

During the initial session, our primary focus is on gathering information. This entails more than just understanding your symptoms; we aim to acquaint ourselves with you as an individual. This comprehensive hour-long session takes place in a private treatment room where we address any concerns you may have. We delve into various aspects such as urinary and bowel habits, sexual health, gynecological well-being, pain experiences, daily activities, and exercise routines. This thorough discussion aids us in shaping our assessment, identifying your goals, and discerning what matters most to you in your journey through pelvic floor physical therapy.

physical therapist talking with patient about pelvic health evaluation

External Assessment: 

Following the information gathering phase, the therapist proceeds with an external assessment, typically covering the following areas:

  • Posture and pelvic alignment examination

  • Evaluation of body mechanics, especially pertinent for those caring for children or engaging in weightlifting

  • Examination of the abdominal wall for tenderness or trigger points

  • Assessment for conditions like diastasis recti or abdominal separation, as well as cesarean scar evaluation

  • Evaluation of breathing patterns and pressure management

  • Analysis of external hip muscles (including buttocks and inner thighs), abdominal, lower back, and hip strength, coordination, and endurance

  • Observation and assessment of pelvic floor muscles externally

Internal Assessment (with consent): 

With your consent, an internal assessment is conducted, looking at pelvic floor tension, tone, coordination, etc via the vaginal or rectal canal.  It's essential to note that this assessment differs from a gynecological pelvic exam; there are no stirrups or speculums involved. While lying comfortably on your back, a gloved, lubricated finger is gently inserted to assess muscle function, tone, and tenderness. In cases where rear-related issues are present (such as bowel or tailbone pain), an internal rectal assessment may be considered with your consent.

pelvic floor muscles evaluated with pelvic floor physical therapy assessment


Following the assessment, our focus shifts to education. We provide you with tools and exercises that you can immediately incorporate into your routine at home. Additionally, we discuss the plan for future treatment sessions. We follow a proven method, or three-step process, that has worked with the thousands of people that we have seen in our Western MA clinic.  Depending on your needs, this may involve stretches and pelvic floor muscle downtraining for relaxation and lengthening, strengthening exercises for support and optimal strength, and progressive overloading to gain resilience in your body! We schedule follow-up appointments to ensure progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Supportive Environment: 

The initial session may feel overwhelming as you navigate through new information about these crucial muscle groups that may have been overlooked previously. Our aim is to initiate treatment promptly, often providing at-home exercises to commence progress before the next session. Above all, we strive to create an environment where you feel heard, comfortable, and respected. Recognizing the intimate nature of this area of your body and its impact on everyday comfort, we emphasize the importance of addressing symptoms and seeking pelvic floor PT sessions.

women supporting women with pelvic floor pain and pelvic floor dysfunction

Most people don't know where to go when they're struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction. With specialized pelvic floor physical therapy at Renew Health, we provide you with an actionable plan to get back to doing what you love!

We can't wait to hear from you!

The Renew Health Team

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