We understand that bowel issues can be so unpredictable.

Learn to manage and address the unpredictable nature of bowel issues with compassionate care.

Common diagnoses:



Fecal Incontinence


Dyssynergic Defecation


Finally find relief of your IBS, constipation, and hemorrhoids with pelvic floor physical therapy

Before Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • Having a hard time making it to the bathroom with strong urgency

  • Exerting significant effort/straining to have a bowel movement

  • Experiencing incomplete emptying of bowels

  • Having fecal smearing left on your underwear

  • Experiencing bloating, especially after eating

After Trusting the Process

  • Understand urgency techniques to control your trips to the bathroom

  • Establish healthy bowel routines

  • Learn proper toileting mechanics to fully empty bowels

  • Have confidence leaving the house without worrying about your stomach

  • Enjoy meals without feeling bloated


"I was in pain for years. I had terrible stomach and back pain. I could hardly leave my house. When I tell you it’s the worst pain I’ve ever experienced I’m not exaggerating (I went through labor, birthed a child, and then went through recovery and honestly that was easier). I went to so many doctors and they all told me it was nothing and kept shrugging me off, until I went to the er and they suggested a pelvic pain specialist. I was desperate so I was willing to do anything. When I tell you how much better I felt just from my phone call with Dr. Alyssa. I had never felt so seen, she validated all my concerns and scheduled me an appointment very quickly. My first meeting with her explaining my story I swear she could read my mind she knew troubles I was having before I even told her. The appointment was so detailed and she really took her time to make sure she understood me and my pain. She personalized a plan for me and when I tell you I have NEVER felt better. After that first session the absolute relief I felt was amazing. My body hadn’t felt that good in years. With every session I was feeling better and better. I lived in constant pain for so long I forgot what it was like to feel normal. I was also able to use the bathroom regularly, use a tampon again, and live my life again. Everyone in the office is absolutely so kind they’re such lovely people and you can tell they love what they do and they just want to help people. I swear they can fix anything. If you’re debating coming here please do it I promise you won’t be disappointed."

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