Struggling with Ongoing Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Wall Separation?

If you are struggling with ongoing abdominal weakness, difficulty engaging or feeling the lower abs, or "lower belly pooching", our goal is to help you regain pelvic floor and core connection.

Say hello to your lower abdominals again!

Core strengthening postpartum

Before Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • Unable to find your "core" with your exercise routine

  • Struggling with "lower belly pooching"

  • Wanting to get back into heavier lifting, but nervous about pelvic floor or core dysfunction?

After Trusting the Process

  • Improve your ability to feel your lower abdominals with lifting your kids or with exercise

  • Decrease "lower belly pooching"

  • Resume heavier lifting with confidence in pelvic floor and core strength

What is a diastasis recti?

A diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs when the tissue between the rectus abdominis muscles—the two sides of your “six pack” muscles—stretch or tear at the central vertical line called the "linea alba".

What common is a diastasis recti after delivery?

 Most research reports that a diastasis recti exists at a rate of approximately 40% 6-months postpartum.


"Brianna treated me for a 3 finger Diastasis Recti after my second pregnancy. She was always super thorough and gave me detailed exercises to continue my PT at home. In a few short months my DR is down to 1 finger and I feel so much stronger. I would recommend Brianna to anyone who needs help understanding and strengthening their pelvic floor. :)"

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